• Wyoming Owes Residents $26 Million in Unclaimed Money
  • Oregon Unclaimed Money Totals More Than $250 Million
  • North Dakota Unclaimed Money Totals $23 Million
  • New Hampshire Owes Residents Millions in Unclaimed Money
  • Utah Unclaimed Money Grows To More Than $100 Million
  • Tennessee Unclaimed Money Grows by Tens of Millions of Dollars Annually
  • South Dakota Unclaimed Money - Tens of Millions and Growing
  • Rhode Island Is Holding More Than $124 Million In Unclaimed Money
  • Oklahoma Owes Citizens More Than $260 Million In Unclaimed Money
  • New Mexico Unclaimed Money Approaches $100 Million
  • Minnesota Unclaimed Money Totals More Than $300 Million
  • Maine Unclaimed Money Exceeds $131 Million
  • Iowa Holding Millions of Dollars In Unclaimed Money
  • Idaho Unclaimed Money Surpasses $40 Million
  • Vermont Owes Residents $42 Million In Unclaimed Money
  • Arizona Unclaimed Money Totals $400 Million
  • Kansas Unclaimed Money Tops $200 Million
  • State Of Mississippi Owes Citizens $38 Million In Unclaimed Money
  • Over $110 Million In West Virginia Unclaimed Money
  • Washington State Owes Its Citizens Over $700 Million Dollars
  • New York State Unclaimed Funds Total More Than $8 Billion
  • Louisiana Unclaimed Money Totals $330 Million
  • Arkansas Owes Residents $100 Million
  • Alaska Owes Millions In Unclaimed Money To Citizens
  • Delaware Owes Its Citizens Hundreds Of Millions In Unclaimed Money
  • Connecticut Holding Millions Of Dollars In Unclaimed Money
  • The State of New Jersey Owes Residents Hundreds Of Millions In Unclaimed Money
  • Colorado Owes Its Citizens More Than 50 Million Dollars
  • Illinois Unclaimed Money Approaches 1.4 Billion Dollars
  • Unclaimed Money in Maryland Reaches 580 Million Dollars
  • Over 1 Billion Dollars in Unclaimed Money in Massachusetts
  • Wisconsin Unclaimed Money Totals 339 Million Dollars
  • Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Georgia Unclaimed Money
  • Alabama Holding 373 Million Dollars In Unclaimed Money
  • Kentucky Unclaimed Money Climbs To 150 Million Dollars
  • Indiana Now Holding 350 Million Dollars in Unclaimed Money
  • Unclaimed Money in Hawaii Totals Over $130 Million
  • South Carolina Unclaimed Money Grows To 200 Million Dollars
  • Ohio Unclaimed Money Totals More Than $1 Billion
  • Unclaimed Money In California Totals $5 Billion
  • Nevada Unclaimed Money Now Totals Over 200 Million
  • Unclaimed Money in Missouri Totals Over 400 Million
  • Hundreds of Millions In Michigan Unclaimed Money
  • North Carolina Unclaimed Money Reaches $700 Million
  • Pennsylvania Unclaimed Money - $1 Billion For The Taking!
  • Unclaimed Money In Texas - Lost Cash And Property Total Nearly A Billion Dollars
  • Virginia Unclaimed Money - Millions In Lost Assets
  • Florida Unclaimed Money Totals Over $1 Billion

Dear Friend,

Every year billions of dollars in unclaimed money and property is turned over to the state by companies who cannot locate the owners. Unclaimed money and property in the form of bank accounts, safety deposit vaults, deposit certificates, estates, uncashed money orders, insurance policies, term deposits, forgotten paychecks, non refunded utility deposits and other various sources.

Companies cannot legally hold on to this money indefinitely. When the company cannot find the property owner, the money must be handed over to the state. State laws require the remittance of unclaimed money from such places as:

  • banking and financial organizations
  • Employers big and small
  • Insurance companies
  • Utilities companies
  • Loan companies
  • Safety deposit box contents
  • Public and private pension proceeds
  • Landlords, retailers, and other companies that collect money in trust.

What is unclaimed money? Unclaimed Money is tangible or intangible property that has been unclaimed by its rightful owner. Various states and government agencies have programs to return these funds, and therein lies the problem... and opportunuty!

You see, many States Unclaimed Property Divisions are understaffed and cannot keep up with all the money being sent in. A few governmental agencies acting as custodians for individual's and business's unclaimed money have no incentive, in general, to make it easy for the billions of dollars to be found and thus claimed by the rightful owner. In fact, many states do very little to contact the rightful owners of unclaimed money.

Moreover, other states have enacted legislation that enables the state to compensate budgetary deficits by using some of these funds. In other words, little is being done to notify the rightful owners that they are entitled to unclaimed money.

Let me explain: The majority of unclaimed money owners do not know they have unclaimed money available to them. And the small number that are aware or believe that they are entittled, do not know how to search for and claim their lost assets.

That's where you come in...

As a Money Finder, you assist these individuals in locating their missing assets and collect a commission once it's returned.

It doesn't require that you learn any new or special skills! -
If you can read, write, and follow simple instructions, you have everything it takes to make money. I have spent almost 2 decades developing and perfecting the process. All you have to do is copy my success!
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For almost 20 years people have paid me hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, per year, for utilizing on their behalf, the information contained in my book. This book was written to help individuals like you, earn similar enormous amounts of money in a short period of time. Many people asked me if I could teach them how to duplicate what I am doing to make $200 plus an hour. I always said no, "I was too busy earning an income".

Over the years I have developed contacts and resources all over the country that keep me well informed in reference to "unclaimed money" developments on the government and local level. When I quit this business, these valuable resources are going to go to waste. I had to come up with a way to make this vital information available because I am getting old and slowing down, the economy is such that the demand for money finder services is going to escalate, and now is the right time. For these reasons I have decided to share my knowledge by creating Unclaimed Government Dollars.


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Darrell B., Washington D.C.



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      When all is done I will have earned $4,739.38. That is more than $200.00 per hour."


Gerald J., Boston, Mass.


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